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Exclamation HP General Secret Santa - 2008 Edition - CLOSED!

The season of sharing is fast upon us and it's time to celebrate Hookah Pro style! One of the perks of being an Elite member are the swaps. What is a swap you ask? We gather in teams and send each other some of the best of our stash and in exchange get assortment of shisha we usually haven't tried yet and often some other surprises! This year we have decided to organize a swap that will get everyone involved! Everyone is eligible! Want to be a part of it? Here's what you do:

HP General Secret Santa - 2008 Edition

1) Send me a PM stating you wish to participate. I will send you a reply with my mailing address.
2) Send me a postcard postmarked by November 24 with the following:

Your name and mailing address
The types of shisha you like - Limit it to general flavors like Fruity or Spicy or Not Sweet
Brands of shisha you prefer - AF, Nakhla, Starbuzz, etc.
Any shisha you might be allergic to or that makes you ill.
If you are international and/or are willing to ship to an international member.
Anything else you think I should know.

3) I will PM everyone with their matched fellow HPer. From then you have until December 17 to mail them a package with whatever goodies you wish to share. Make sure not to tell them who you are until they get the package! That's part of the fun!

That's it enjoy one of the perks that are normally reserved for Elites!

The small print: The due dates are fixed, no exceptions. If you are an international member understand that the earlier you get your request in the better. Bum deals will be reported. Preferences and suggestions are not orders, you may not get what you listed on the postcard. You must be a member by November 7th, 2008 to participate.

Upgrade to Elite and see what all the buzz is about!

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