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Default Glass handle hose...anyone interested?

So when I saw that german phunnel posted I found the website of the maker, Egeglas. I saw these hoses with long glass handles that I thought looked pretty damn cool so I emailed about US orders. They're washable too. Here is the e-mail he sent me:
here is my offer to you. The price of the hose without german tax is 33.61 Euro. You will probably have to pay american tax. For more information, please ask your administration.
The costs of shipping are 35 Euro. This price would be the same for up to 5 hoses. May be some of your friends want one too and you can share the costs.

so total cost for one would be around $88....without the american tax that i'm not sure about. If we got 5 buyers it would end up to be around $52, plus probably $8 for me to ship it to you safe and securely packed. so figure $60. Yeah it's kinda expensive for a hose but it's unique. Here are the stats:
Overall length: 2500mm ~
Mouthpiece Length: 550mm ~
Inner diameter: 12mm
Glass thickness: 3mm
Colors: blue, dark red, bright red, yellow

So if you're interested let me know. i'd really like to get 5 people in on this. I still need to find out what this tax is he's talking about. I've ordered stuff from Japan and China and never got taxed...if anyone can clue me in that'd be great.


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