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Default Bla, Problems with Razan Sultan Hose

Well, i've always owned normal Razan washable hoses for the longest time, but I decided to spice it up this go around and try the new Sultan line of hoses.

If your not aware what those are, here is a link;

Fast foward to months to today, i've been slowly noticing blue stains on my counters and other various surfaces when this hose comes in contact with them. It was strange at first and I wasn't sure what happened.

I finally put two and two together, the dye on the outside of the hose was staining things as it gets wet, which is weird considering its marketed as a "Washable" Hose.

I then tried to remove any excess dye so that I could actually use it without it staining things. I put it in my bathtub and filled it up with water and witnessed the water go from clear, to as blue as those things you put in your toilet that turn the water blue.

I kept trying to rinse it off, but the only thing I was doing was actually rinsing the dye off the outside of the hose, leaving it now a light blueish whiteish color...

I dunno about you guys, but I find this extremely irritating for a hose that is supposed to be washable...

I really regret my purchase now and wish I had gone with a normal Razan...
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