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Originally Posted by reality- View Post
It smells only for the time the hookah is running.. when your done, blow out your hookah, then remove the hose and blow it out, remove the charcoal from the bowl and put it in the ashtray.. and the smell will be gone very soon..
This is great thing about hookah, it does not in any way go into clothing and furniture!
+1 for Nima! Yeah dude I smoke inside in my room all the time and my mother always compliments the smell. For instance, I smoked a coffee flavour and my mother was like "That aroma was so nice I had to get up and fix me a cup of coffee" and then the other day I smoked Tangiers - I can't remember the flavour - and my mother said to me, "What was that you were smoking?" and I say "Oh it was some Tangiers" and she says "That stuff smelled fantastic"...but as for how long it will smell, it will drift away shortly after you finish smoking, but it's not anything like cigarette smoke and it won't stain your furniture bro
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