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Default Re: How many bowls per day?

Originally Posted by Grundle View Post
you guys make it seem as if hookah is some hard core drug. i smoke 3 or 4 times a day. they arent always full sessions. a quick 20 min bowl when I wake up, a bowl after work, another after dinner then one or two before the night is out. but then again I switched from cigarettes to high nicotine shisha
to me 20 min sessions are waste of my time (no offense, if it works for you more power to you) but i spend more than 20 mins for set up and clean up together so i just have one long session.

honestly though if i had time and didnt have to worry about setting anything up (and if hookah was not bad at all for me, because we all know its not as healthy as not smoking it) i would smoke all day every day... but the fact that i would get sick from that much smoke and probably have other issues makes that a no no

hmmm i think i will spend one day doing that though now that i think about it, just for s's and g's but it has to be a good reason like my b-day or some celebration

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