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Default Re: Mnt. Dew + Prepairing hookah = :(

Duuddee...Just do yourself a favor and get a phunnel! They are sooo much stronger in material compared to MYA bowls.

It took me 3 times to break my first phunnel bowl. The first was because I dropped it on CONCRETE and all it got was hairline cracks. I dropped it again on concrete...Nothing.

The third...I accidently moved my table and it fell off and it hit the tiled floor

Just to clarify, it finally broke after a year of using it. Bought another one and I am happy...Of course, I am trying to be EXTRA careful with it!

Ugh my first MYA bowl broke because it somehow fell off of my damn hookah when i picked it up from the base. Broke the same way yours did
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