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A good way to make your parents not enjoy you smoking hookah, is to light the quick-light coals in the house. They'll leave a very headache bringing scent in a room for a few hours.

On a similar note, even if you're lighting natural coals... make sure you A) don't do it on a glass stove top, and B) try and do it by a window / vent / fan, even the natural coals tend to leave a not-so-pleasant smell lingering in the air.

If you smoke in the Garage and you have a house heating/air condition system in there, make sure you turn the system off before smoking. (if you don't want the house to smell like it) If you don't, the scent will travel through the vents and make the parents not so happy.

Take it or leave it, but I've been through all of these experiences myself. Figured I would lend a helping hand.
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