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Default Question about my current KM...

I did a forum search first and I couldn't really find anything on the Chiller.. So here goes;

I bought a 38" KM Chiller about a month back,

I personally love the thing. I think I may have a minor problem though (hopefully minor eh..)

I'll put ice in the chiller, smoke the hookah for a while and it will smoke fine and everything will be legit. On the inside of the chiller at the very bottom where the chiller meets the stem there are a lot of weld marks. This does not strike me as unnatural though because it has to be connected somehow obviously, and I don't really care about the looks on the inside of it. I have; however, noticed that when I place water in the chiller (or y'know after the ice melts) the water seems to go through a very minor hole into the stem. (I've seen it bubble and make noises and the water level drops over time)

If I place water in the chiller while simply holding the stem, (outside of a vase) the water does not trickle out of the bottom of the stem. It seems as if the water is being stored in the SHELL. I can move the stem up and down and hear/feel definite water being stored inside.

My question: Is this how the KM Chiller is supposed to work? Theoretically it doesn't sound like a bad thing as far as smoking is concerned. (cold water contacts the metal and cools down the smoke along the entire stem)

My problem I have with it: I have a thumb-tack sized hole in one of the top fragments of the shell. (it's been there since day 1 unfortunately) I get lame water marks from little drops of water running down the side while I smoke. The water marks tend to collect around the purge valve and the base of the valve that the hose plugs in to.

I'm going to probably have to have somebody weld the little spot for me, where do you guys think I should go? (I don't know how myself)
While having somebody help with welding the little spot, should they re-weld the interior of the Chiller?

Thanks in advance guys, I appreciate your help.

- Chase / Divine

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