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Default Re: Do youre in-laws smoke with you??

Just to update. My in-laws came to Lizzie's with us and we got two hookahs. My father-in-law smokes mostly pipes and cigars so he isn't used to inhaling. My mother-in-law has never smoked before. It was an experience. It took a second to get theirs going cause he wasn't puffing hard enough to get air flowing well. Once we got it going they loved it. Thought it was great. I imagine they will be more than willing to smoke on mine with me. I don't think they will want one of their own. They just kept saying how much trouble it looked and how it sounded like a lot of work. Or rather looked like a lot of work. I think there will be times when it is inconvenient but not so bad to not be worth it. For them I suppose as long as someone else is setting it up and cleaning it they will be all about it.
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