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Default Re: Electric Hookah

There could very easily be sensors built into the Grommets at the hose or bowl level and instead of keeping the coal in place and putting all that circuitry in there to control the heat and make it hotter instantaneously why not just move it up and down. It stays the temperature of a coal being dragged on but is moved far enough away from the bowl to only provide as much heat as a coal not being dragged on. Probably need a mechanical, electrical, computer, and thermal engineer to really do it right. R&D would be a pain because of the fact that coals don't heat up or coal instantly either. So to mimic perfectly you would have to do tests and research on how and what the coals do while smoking. While it would actually be a fairly simple devise the development to get it just right would be very difficult. It would be possible to make it different. It would be its own thing possibly even smoking differently. Heat management could be more manual even. Try using an infrared thermometer on the coal while someone smokes. Watch how long it takes for it to heat up and see if the whole increasing heat thing wouldn't go about the same speed. You have too many engineers over complicating things. I work with a building full of electrical engineers and believe me that isn't uncommon. Should just be a coil about 33 to 40mm about like a car lighter with a single sensor that connects to a simple automated arm that lifts and drops the "coal". Sure sounds simple but would be pretty tough. However, there is no need for it to get as complicated as all that. Smoking with coal isn't that precise it's just heat with more heat on a draw. Temperatures over a bowl can vary fairly significantly.
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