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Exclamation Help me choose

My parents still owe me an birthday present and with Christmas coming i will combine the two and maybe add some off my own money to get me a new hookah! imported, something you wont find in South Africa! Seeing as this will be my ultimate hookah and i only get this opportunity once i need to choose carefully!

PLEASE help me choose by posting what you think i might like with a picture if you can please.

The hookah will be the centerpiece of my living room in my new flat next year so:

it needs to be big: you know 36'' or more(it needs to be intimidating so when people enter they know they have entered the local hookahking's domain)

Stylish:like a KM or something that looks like a beautiful piece of craftsmanship.

No modern looks: i dont like the modern looks, something more traditional or cultural.

Hoses: it can be a one hose hookah but then it needs to be convertible because i will smoke a lot with friends.

Rotator?: i prefer not except if it is something else. Most rotators just look the same to me and as you can think by now I want something different that will stand out.

It must really just looks nice with detailed craftsmanship. It will also be nice if it can have those nice things like difuser and those ball valves inside the hose connector so that your pipes airway is only open when you pull (thats high tech stuff for us OK) and nice things like that. If you have more questions maybe ask away but


i must rely on you people who has experience with these hookahs and can tell me a lot more that what i can research.

Thanks a lot in advance
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