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Ive tried the tasty puff orange and tasty puff apple...
and it gives away a very strong taste.. just 2 - 3 drops in the water in the base..
Ive tried the orange many times with nakhla orange and its okey.. it was back in my old setting so I didnt really get 10 points from the hookah with my setup but u could efenitly at all times feel the tasty puff taste nomatther how the shisha was doing good or bad..

BUT.. this is really not anything I recommend since theese tasty puffs tastes good but its not anything like the real deal! like for example Ive tried the apple drops with different apple tobacco, and as I mentioned its so storng that it dominates the taste.. and U want to taste shisha not tasty puff, its not the same thing at all! tasty puffs are like some chemical taste while real shisha is more of a fruity taste
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