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Cool Re: Hookah Juice

Originally Posted by deadlysmoker View Post
Anyone tried this stuff? Whats it like? Am I right in saying flavoured tobacco is better than using juice to add flavour?
[FONT=Verdana]Hey Deadly Smoker,[/FONT]

[FONT=Verdana]The owner of Hookah Juice sent us a bunch of samples about a year ago. We tried some ourselves, and gave some to our sponsored groups for reviews. Basically they were mixed reviews on all fronts. [/FONT]

[FONT=Verdana]The hookah juice came in small "test tube" sized capsules; they smelled great, however they didn't really "add" anything to the hookah smoke itself. It wasn't that good so we never ended up picking up the product.[/FONT]

[FONT=Verdana]Personally, if I want to send my taste buds sky high, I usually carve an apple and use it as the head, and add pure fruit juice into the every time!!![/FONT]

[FONT=Verdana]If you want to know how to carve the apple, just shoot me a pm, and I’ll take you step by step. [/FONT]

[FONT=Verdana]Hookah Life[/FONT]
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