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Originally Posted by Bonestock98 View Post
Note taken about the coals, I just redid my carpet so I may have to put my rig on a table(I know you're not supposed to). My parents like the incense I burn from time to time so I'm not worried about the smoke. What coals would you guys suggest then since that seems to be the only real problem I could face?
honestly most people here dont follow the the traditions hard core, i have mine on the floor out of logic as apposed to tradition but its nice to be following that for me.

as to coals coco naras are the best i have used so far that dont smell and sont break apart unless they are very small (burned about an hour+) but they spark when you blow on them so you will get ash around, the embers burn out before they hit the ground but just fyi. exoticas are ok, they dont spark but them have a habit of breaking apart and they seemed to leave a little charcoal smell around some times, not bad coals but not my choice. i havent gotten to try any of the ******* hookah coals but i have heard a lot of good about them.

if you want to go quick lights (which i suggest against personally) golden coals are supposedly the best but i still get taste from them, but all QLs spark when lighting up pretty much too.

if its not a large table i would suggest still putting something down around it just incase

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