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Default great session and new tangiers discovery

ok so i had 3 bowls to night and i tried a new packing of tangiers.

so first off i smoked some orange soda tangiers in my small phunnel but only packed it about 1/3 high, packed it as dense as i normally pack tangiers just left all that space, didnt poke holes as far is as i normally would. it took a while to heat up but it never got harsh, started to taste a touch on the burning verge but didnt get harsh at all, not the best flavor ive had from tangiers but the clouds were great and it smoked fine.

the other 2 bowls i smoked were from my mod bowl (nakhla apple and then alfaker watermelon/mint mix) and had some of the best clouds with no harshens at all, was great

any one that is interested please try my tangiers packing and see if it works for yall, it at least saves shisha and will last 1+hours
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