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Default 2 questions from my wife and I

Ok so my wife asked me a question that I had limited answers to. She asked me the people on this forum what makes a good pipe. In other words, she wants to know when you look at a pipe what makes you think it is a pretty or good looking pipe. If you see one online and can't check the measurements on the stem or any of that what catches your attention?

Mine is this. Many of you have different pipes. Pipes of about all sizes shapes and builds. Do you have different pipes for different purposes or do you just kind of rotate?

For hers I think she was trying to figure out how well she chose for me. For mine I am thinking in the future I may want to get a smaller one for portability though I kind of wonder if I would like a small pipe. Also if you tend to have one for the house and one for on the go or something like that.
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