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Default Re: 2 questions from my wife and I

Anything that isn't labeled Nour or KM basically for me, but I can tell just from a glance whether or not something is or isn't high quality. Basically, for Egyptian rigs, hmm... i can;t really think of a way to say what I mean. It's like, I can just tell from looking at a rig how it will smoke, how heavily built and sturdy it will be, and I also look for rigs that don't have overly eccentric colors in their color scheme. If i can't tell, I also ask if it is a Common Chamber or Traditional, most fo the time I have to explain what this means.

Actually, I would not buy a hookah ever again that has a plated Common chamber. Mya Commons are fine, but the plated chambers are just not good.

Ohh and anything that has too much fake ornate stylings, that's when you know it's not good.
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