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Default Re: Phunnel V. Vortex

Vortexes are hard to clean, harder then I have time for or patience for. They get grime in the inside of the center cone that is very hard to get out, I had to use a pipe cleaner.
The holes in the vortex are small and get plugged up easily. The very bottom of the shisha never get's smoked, and it is actually not at all like the phunnel in build or function.
The Vortex is made of a less expensive, lighter and thinner material then a Phunnel. It's mass produced as well, not by hand.
The Vortex does not re-direct the smoke through the shisha AND juices completely, as a phunnel+mod does. Rather, it pulls from the middle of the shisha. The Vortex get's juice leaks into the stem and base after the majority of sessions. The Phunnel never leaks.

I believe, all in all, the Phunnel is still much better and the Vortex needs a re-vamp before it can even compete. Now, the Vortex is 5 bucks less, but that 5 bucks you are paying is for hand-made care and quality. The Vortex is extremely smokeable, don;t get me wrong, but the Phunnel and the Phunnel+Mod set-up is just much more funtional.
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