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Default Re: Phunnel V. Vortex

The mod's design is to theoretically re-direct the smoke pathway, bringing it down through the bottom of the bowl, where all the juicy juices are, adding more flavor.

The phunnel itself prolongs the life of shisha in a bowl by keeping it moist, as no juices can escape down the shaft.

The mod also cuts shisha use in 1/3, I use literally 15 grams of shisha on a small phunnel every session, which goes for 1-2 hours depending on the tobacco.

The vortex doesn't pull the air through the bottom, just through the middle. Also, the bottom is more of a v-shape, instead of being rounded, and juices and shisha don't get touched that far down. The Vortex, being very thin, get's very hot very quickly. The Phunnel takes longer, but stays at a peak temp. and stays hotter longer, adding to the flavor and over-all smoke quality.

I personally use a Sm. Phunnel + Mod on every bowl I smoke.
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