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Default Re: 2 questions from my wife and I

Originally Posted by Kwikwi View Post
Just an opinion here.
1) A good pipe depends on the materials used. I prefere stainless and or brass in the stem construction. I also look at the glasswork. I appreciate handblown/crafted glasswork. That's what I look for when looking to buy. Materials, glasswork then stemwork. If any of them are lacking I keep browsing.

2) I have five hookahs. Currently I only rotate out two. I have my Sahara Genie I use almost every single day since it is super easy to set up. I switch out to my 32"KM chiller when I use some of the more intense tobaccos, ie Ayam and Tangiers just to give the smoke a little more cooldown time. Or when I want to just have a nice cold smoke in the summer.
I very much agree, quality of metal/glass is the most important factor. Eventually, you will be able to tell just by looking at a rig how well it was made, and if it was made by hand or by machine.
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