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Default Re: Phunnel V. Vortex

Originally Posted by Kwikwi View Post
I use both bowls. I use them depending on the pipe. Vortex on my Genie and the phunnel on the KM. Both work flawlessly and I have yet to have an issue with either. I do not use a MOD, I have never had a need to. I have found no buildup inside the Vortex and the holes have never clogged. The bonus of the Vortex over a phunnel is you dont have to buy a seperate MOD if your trying to save tobacco, or keep the foil off the middle opening. Also it's much easier to find a wind cover for if your not interested in making one from cans. Both bowls hold nearly the same amount of tobacco, and again I do not use a MOD.
So you find the Vortex smokes down to the bottom?
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