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Default Re: 2 questions from my wife and I

Originally Posted by Kwikwi View Post
Sorry Fezz, I don't use Egyptian bowls so can't help you with the heat/coal issue. Not all machine made are bad. MYA is machined and would not be one of the top brands if all were junk. As for very heavy stems. I have a KM Precision and it's a brick. It's also VERY unstable because it is so top heavy. If I use the KM hose it came with it topples over. I agree that if it's too light it could be junk, but the same goes for the upper end. Btw that precision smoke great using a Razan. Keep in mind Fezz, all these answers you are getting are purely our own experiences, which are completely different from each others. What works great for me may be garbage for others. Try everything and find out in the end for yourself what works.
Mostly I am trying to spark some discussion. I won't be able to get another pipe for a while and I don't even have the one I will soon be getting. It has already been purchased so no turning back on that. It will be great. My wife seems to have good luck getting me risky gifts. She got me a 50 year old camera that I love. She got me an exposure meter that is perfect for me. Now she got me this from apparently one of the handful of E-bay dealers of Hookahs that is legit. From what she tells me this thing checks out and fits all the bills. Mostly I am asking cause I couldn't answer her questions. But what I am hearing is that Aesthetics are second in most people's opinions here. Oh sure it needs to look nice but mostly it needs to look like a workhorse. It also seems to be all about the stem cause you can always change out the other stuff.
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