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Default Re: Do you look for something different in small Hookahs than larger ones?

When I bought my Sahara Genie I was looking for several things.
1) Portability, I wanted to be able to bring this to work on the back of a motorcycle and it needed to have a case to carry everything.
2) Must be stainless since it will be used outdoors in all weather. We have a covered area but it's still exposed to the elements during humid/rainy weather.
3) Ease of use. I don't have all day to assemble and disassemble/clean so had to be easy to work with.

These were the things I was looking for in a small hookah. I already knew the draw was not going to be similar to my KM but I upgraded to the Sahara velvet rope hose and it's perfect. Unfortunately I still don't have a pipe for work, this one never made it out of the house. Unfortunately no parts are interchangeable between my small and large hookahas, except the bowls.

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