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Default Re: Phunnel V. Vortex

vortex +1
phunnel -1

im so glad i got myself a vortex, i don't think i'll use any other bowls from here on, i dont see why when vortex smokes much better and less tobacco, the phunnel needs a mod for best results and vortex doesn't.. thats why im w/ the vortex.

i did load a phunnel for a group session but after 1+hr i still had loads of tobacco on the bottom, untouched... waste....

it took me about 3-5 sessions to get my phunnel to work right, trial and error w/ coals/foil/packing methods; it was just a hassle. my vortex smoked right the first time! well after i got my replacement bc of the positions of the holes
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