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Default Re: Shooting Star Tour

The process is complicated for a couple of reasons. In part because they cure the tobacco they use whereas most producers simply buy tobacco already cured. The main reason for the production process being so complicated is that since itís a small, family owned enterprise they donít have the money to buy an actual production site forcing them to split up the operation over a bunch of sites which also double as homes for the workers/owners.

Basically that sort of operation is similar to what we in the West call ďcottage industryĒ and you can see examples of that sort of thing in the Italian automotive/automotive/bicycle industry. Such a model has the various stamping/panel beating /milling/boring/fitting/welding procedures done in various small shops and peopleís homes and carried by small trucks to a larger work shop where assembly takes place.

As to photos well I donít even own a camera and since most of the production takes place in someoneís home I donít think it would appropriate to take pictures anyway.

I donít know what the flavour line line up is but here are flavours I know of with brief, shallow descriptions some of which are second hand:

1) Delighting the Senses - Complicated flavour profile usually described as a combination of flute cured/sweet tobaccos, molasses, nutty/almond/date with floral spice like notes
2) Light of the Moon - Mellow, semi-sweet and Burley like notes with Cardamom and sweetened anise with a floral/mint nose
3) Gentle Wind - moderately sweet molasses like taste with tobacco notes coming from Shak Al-bent and Yenidje like notes, very smooth and at times light Cavendish taste with herbal/spice notes in background
4) Ayn Jalut - Yenidje/Basma like mix with rich coffee/toffee notes
5) Daily Reward - Agonya/Burley tobacco tasting base but sweeter/creamier aspect with almond/ vanilla/Cedar taste.
6) al-Kawakibi - Donít know
7) al Atassi - Donít know
8) Thoughtful Respite - Donít know
9) Badawi Al-Jabal - Rich, heavy toasted Cavendish/Perique type flavour with mint like after taste

Some of these are apparently seasonal but I donít know any details.
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