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Default Re: Cleaning and Hose life?

Originally Posted by -FliM- View Post
Make sure to blow out your hose and purge the vase at the end of every smoke.

I'm like you in that my hookah gets a proper thorough scrub and clean probably every 6 or 8 uses, which means about every 3 or 4 days.

Purging the hose after the smoke and leaving it unplugged from your pipe to let fresh air circulate through is my best advice. Leave them in a dry place, I'd say hanging over a hook or something personally. Do not under any circumstance get water in the pipe. They will rust through and the first warning you'll get is a mouthful of dirty smoky cardboard and some rusty metal particles.

I use nammors/razan hoses and love em, they get washed every time I can taste anything in them basically - when I smoke mint or mint blends for example.
Yeah I always blowout the old smoke after every use and leave the hose unplugged.

As far as rusting, are you talking about getting water up in the upper part of the stem? Should be all stainless if I understand it right, although I would really want to get water up there anyways

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