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Default Re: Shooting Star Tour

Originally Posted by RushN24 View Post
So near the end of the process when the spices and such are infused, are the leaves left in the wooden barrels to ferment? Some of these flavors sound really full and complex and the way you describe them are very reminiscent of pipe tobacco. i would really love to try this stuff!

This is exactly what I was hoping to learn. Thanks Hajo! I'm so jealous you get to experience this stuff first hand. How is it that you are so lucky?
That is a good question about fermentation. Unfortunately I suck at languages and my poor native ability gets worse with age so I couldn't ask. I assume that a secondary fermentation occurs in the wooden barrels as I noted they had what I think are air locks which implies the need to release gases but I didn't smell anything that I associate with fermentation so I may be wrong.

Yes these flavours are very complicated rich and very different from the stuff we all buy normally.

As to how I do what I do, well I have always been fortunate to run into very interesting people and I've all kinds of crazy stories but then my life has been pretty varied.
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