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Default Re: Cleaning and Hose life?

Originally Posted by -FliM- View Post
Make sure to blow out your hose and purge the vase at the end of every smoke.

I'm like you in that my hookah gets a proper thorough scrub and clean probably every 6 or 8 uses, which means about every 3 or 4 days.

Purging the hose after the smoke and leaving it unplugged from your pipe to let fresh air circulate through is my best advice. Leave them in a dry place, I'd say hanging over a hook or something personally. Do not under any circumstance get water in the pipe. They will rust through and the first warning you'll get is a mouthful of dirty smoky cardboard and some rusty metal particles.

I use nammors/razan hoses and love em, they get washed every time I can taste anything in them basically - when I smoke mint or mint blends for example.
I totally agree i got water in there and had to replace it after a mouth full of rust..I don't have any razan hoses but i have nammors and they are wonderful and easy to wash...
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