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Default AF Melon Help..

Ok, so everyone and their brother on this forum, and other hookah forums pretty much say AF is the end all be all short of Tangiers and some select other few.. I have not yet had the chance to try any until now. Up until now I've smoked Tangiers, Romman, Al Waha, Nakhla, Layalina, Fantasia, and Fusion.

Now everytime I've opened a box of shisha, it more or less smells like what it is supposed to be. Some much closer than others, but for the most part it smells like it should.

On to the tub of AF Melon I got. manufacture data is Nov 2007, says it expires next year. I got the box from Open it up, take out the tub. All nice and fancy, with a little handle and everything. Open the tub, got the resealable baggie inside.

Open it up, and find the red mess that is AF. But what is this smell? It sure doesn't smell anything like melon. Infact, if anything, it kinda smells like a mix of rotten fruit and food coloring..

So I go to smoke it, and it atleast tastes better than it smelled, but I wouldn't go as far to say as it tasted like cantaloupe.. I have no idea what it does taste like, but not melon..

I'm going to give it another try, as I'm thinking.. Ok.. Maybe it's sat in this bag for too long and needs to air out alittle. I let it sit for maybe 30 minutes, but I had to do some other stuff, so I didn't get a chance to see if it really helped or not.

So, 1st impression is not too good.. The AF is almost a mush due to the extreme fine cut. There is a SHITLOAD of stems in it. More so than I think I've seen in any other shisha. It pretty much smells funky as all get out.. Nothing like opening a bag of tangiers, and it smells exactly like what it is. Shit, even Romman smells like what its supposed, it just happens to kinda suck..

Bad tub? This is how it is? Needs to air out? Thoughts? Hate for dissing the AF? Anything would be good.

I also have a tub of grape that I haven't opened, so we'll see what that has to offer, but so far, AF seems to be lacking if this is how it is...

It does not smell like ketchup btw.. Just kinda like plastic is the best way I can describe it.. Just off.. completely odd and fake smelling.. I dunno..
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