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AF is not bad tobacco.. dont listen to what people say about AF is bad production and this and that..
some of the AF flavours is betetr and some maybe not as suceeded, I havent tried the melon but if u would try a flavour that is good from AF it will always be good...
Its not like some people say about for example starbuzz that some batches is really good then they re-order and it doesnt taste like the last one.. AF is not like this..
The only problem was a time that some VERY FEW people complained about the grape smelling like ketchup and then suddenly alot more people smelt the ketchup..
but thats been taken care of now what I hear so just choose the right AF flavours and you will not be dissapointed.. I'd say go for golden esk apple or golden grape or pipe or pom or double apple or grape and mint, caffe latte, bubble gum is alright too... theese are some I can tell you are good AF...

and also using the right teqnic for Af is important.. pack your bowl to the top, then gently push it down a bit so u have more distance between foil and tobacco... AF needs right ammount of heat to be good smoked.. too much will of course give a burnt taste but to little will make it taste very strange as well.. for example my AF DA tastes really shit for a few minutes like I dont know what is going on.. then I add some more coal and suddenly POOOOM its excellent!

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