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I dunno about Nakhla and fusion being better than Tangiers though.. from the stuff I've had from both Nakhla and fusion have been very good, Tangiers simply is the stuff to beat. They get their flavors DOWN. Period. You get kiwi, it smells and tastes like kiwi. You get orange soda, it smells and tastes like orange soda right down to the carbonation.. Also they have some variety that keeps it interesting, and their odd offerings not only work, but they can be mind blowing.

So to say that nakhla and fusion beat tangiers by far? kind of a stretch there. But that's not the point of this thread. We can debate who has the biggest e-penis, I mean tastiest shisha in another thread..

Anyone who has actually had AF Melon, and kind chime in on how it should be, would be the most help, so I can determine if yes.. My tub is rotten, try again, and see what happens.. or, no, this is how AF is.. move along to a different brand.
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