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Default Re: Shooting Star Tour

One of main things that appeals to me about tobacco is the craftsmanship involved and seeing something like what I did really shows what that means. Some say the profession picks the man in the case of crafting traditional moassel i'd say that is definitely true.

The locals use narghiles that are either like the Syrians you can buy in the states, heavier and less ornamental rigs made by a friend/family member or something they inherited.

Bigger firms like AW, AF, SB etc follow the same basic procedures but everything is automated and done on such a vast scale that no real craftsmanship comes into play. Of course the big firms also wash the tobacco in an effort to remove as much flavour as possible so the care and attention given to the tobacco itself simply doesnít apply to the big firms. I understand that Tangiers is a big scale firm yet uses unusual methods but I donít know the detail as the guy that knows those people doesnít post here any more.
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