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Default Re: Phunnel + scalli mod

Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
But is there some connection that says it was the mod. there is nothing about it that would change the flavor of the entire funnel worth of shisha? By that logic there is just as much evidence that it would be the bowl. more so actually considering it touches more of the tobacco.

Has it done this every time you used the mod?

I am just trying to determine what could have caused this reaction.
it has only happened with the mod in the phnnel with certain shishas, i think the issue is with the blue myst. ive smoked af w/o the mod and not has issues and smoked mixes with blue myst (no mod) and a lot of heat and not had issues so i think it is with the mod, but it doesnt happen with every mix but i honestly havent used it a lot. i can smoke some shishas in it fine.

fezzik you know i think that may be it, that makes sense and seeing as SB has a lot of honey thats probably the cause

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