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Default Re: An awesome flavor mixture, Must Try!

Originally Posted by Rob416 View Post
deff will try that.. and also the pipe one.. i wnna try af pipe soo baddly im making an order soon enough.. and i will be ordering a kilo of mint and some pipe.. for sure..
only get a 50g of pipe at first its really is a hit or miss flavor. i dont really like it by itself, not bad just not my taste, kinda fits in the coffee flavor category so if you like those you will probably like it more than i do. i does give a mix a deeper/heavier/thicker flavor and taste. but i got my pipe flavor off a friend who didnt like it and i see why. not bad just not everyones cup of tea

but good choice on the kilo of mint, i have been mixing almost everything with mint and it never ever really makes a terrible mix, a few were weird but the other flavors were weird to start with (i.e. pinia colada). surprisingly cola (Al waha brand) mixed well with af mint, kinda weird but a nice mix

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