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Default Re: The JULAM...damn

Originally Posted by abu ronin View Post
the vase looks solid and I like the fact that it has a removeable defuser, but the stem appears to be just another flimsey chinese model. The chains and arylicic inlay are abit much for me.
I also doubt it is made in afghanistan considering at this point in time, the only things being produced in Afghanistan are banned substances and shaheeds.
But because John is a friend, I'm inclined to believe him at his word regarding performance.
"shaheeds" lol, you crack me up AR.
Anyways, as an update, I haven't bought this or stocked it yet. I need to work on price. It's a great rig and I was excited and shot the video as soon as I got it. My cost may be along the lines of a KM but I don't think it's as good. But then again MYA's are more expensive and I don't think they are worth it but they do sell as well. The only reason I have been lagging is when I got this there were no KM's in the market, now there are. Timing is everything. I may stock a few but I think the price needs to be right. This shouldn't be $100+ but with the way the economy is going I bet the imprter paid a good price too.
About the color, there are supposed to be blue's and reds and I assume they gave me the yellow as it's a sample.
The glass is just awesome.
I got a message from another fellow vendor (who shall remain nameless) to be careful and protect my rep and use it for a couple of weeks first in case it breaks down.
Again, I think this is a great hookah but the price needs to be right. I'll be back soon regarding this.
Thanks for all of the input.
btw, mods, i just realized that as I am typing this, this post may not be in the vendors section and if you need to move my post or have me move it please advise (not trying to beak rules)
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