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I found out that my local store sells biobriquets made out of olive pips which as the bag says are dried/burned to dust and then and then pressed hard to a kind of square. I read the bag and found out that they use no chemicals whatsoever and the only thing they have except olive pips is natural binder.

They are really cheap because they are made locally (6 euros for a 5 kilo bag or 4 euros for the 3 kilo bag which is about 9 and 6 dollars respectivly)
The coals need to be broken ento smaller pieces to be used on a hookah but i was able to cut half the bag into perfect sized pieces in less than ten mins.

I lit them up on a butane stove and took about 6 mins to get them fully glowing red ( a bit more than usual than other coal on my butane stove). Usually with any coal when you put your nose above them when they are glowing you get an unpleasant feeling in your nose (it might seem that they are odorless but the feeling in the nose is irritating) which i didnt get with these coals.
I put them on the bowl (4 small pieces ) loaded with havana pipe ( VERY similar to af pipe) and i got smoke from the first puff. WOW. NO TASTE A ALL FROM THE COALS. the only whing i can compare them to is coconara but i still think these are way better. I did not move the coals for 40 minutes and i was getting perfectly smooth and think smoke. At 40-45 mins i had to ash them and got almost another 20 mins use out of them.

these coal are absolutely the best i've tried in 4-5 years of amlost everyday smoking. Im relly excited about them and they are really cheap. I guess am notnna have to stock up...

Concusion: Olive pip BioBriquete = awesome hookah coal.
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