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Originally Posted by TheHookahStore View Post
A relaxing buzz is always nice in the evenings but, I never get a buzz from shisha.. I am getting ready to try some Ayam Zaman, maybe that will change things for me

Does anyone know what it is that causes the buzz? Is it the extreme nicotine? I remember when I was a cigarette smoker, I use to get a buzz off the first cigarette of the morning.
Nicotine is probably the most logical explanation though an entire session has the same as roughly one cigarette. I think it is either the deep breathing or the fact that you are breathing in so much more smoke. Basically since you inhale hookah smoke some of that smoke takes the place of oxygen in your lungs and therefore your blood. More smoke equals more displacement means oxygen deprivation and nicotine combine for a one two punch to the brain. It would be less in groups more if you smoke by yourself and you drag like a freight train.

That is my theory anyway.
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