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Default Re: Phunnel + scalli mod

Originally Posted by reality- View Post
u know my english isnt the best and I didnt really follow you on this one.. but all Im saying is clay works much better then ceramics, thats a opinion that I have and nothing will stop me!
clay is the raw material that is molded into the shape. it is then dried and then fired in a kiln at high temperatures it then is classified as ceramics, it can be left plain or it can be glazed and re-fired. if clay is not fired and it gets any liquid on it it will soften back up. so the bowls you are probably using are unglazed but they are still ceramic.

it really comes down to meaning of words but its one of those things that i want to correct here since there is a big difference in the technical side of things between those words

im not sure if that made sense or not since some of those words are not even commonly used in english none the less for some one to learn in a second language so let me know if i make sense or not now
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