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Default Re: Phunnel + scalli mod

Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
It didnt do it for me, I got my funnel to work fine, did a scalli mod and everything.

Bottom line, I get my regular bowl to burn for 2 hours because I know what I'm doing, and I can use like 20g of shisha to do that vs the outrageous amount required even w/ the mod.

Tobacco lasts, dont waste it.

And really, when the juice drips down its not that much, its not like someone is squeezing it out. I enjoy my good ol standard clay bowl.
Completely agree aswell.. i have been using a phunnle a little more lately though just cause its a little easier but the whole saving shisha deal and everything is soo tru unless your using a small phunnel or planning on smoking a very long time, no use to use a phunnel unless your smoking with a couple people..
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