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Default Smoking Rock

So I went down to Stinson Beach the other day, intending to drink a few beers and smoke a bowl on the beach with my girlfriend...

So we get there, have a little picnic, and break out the hookah. I pack the bowl and everything seems totally cool

Then I realize... I HAVE NO FOIL... no... nooooooo!!!

So then I get this idea... I see a black rock that looks like it would fit in to the top of my bowl perfectly

Plop it on top of the shisha, fire up a few big ass chunks of Smiley coals


No wait... not really, but it was a REALLY good smoke. Tasted kinda funny at first on account of the rock, but then it was fine.

I just had to use a lot of coal

Seriously, I was amazed. I didn't think it would work!

So if you're ever in a jam... use a rock

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