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Default Re: Is this a good deal?

Originally Posted by Kwikwi View Post
I've read the add and it looks like he's trying to score that amount of cash because the elephant itself on the vase is rare. It's not. If your going to spend 120 plus shipping I would suggest spending less on one of the vendors here that sell brand new KMs and get a brand new, unused one. Hookah Company, The Hookah, ******* Hookah carry them. I would feel better buying from a reputable retail vendor rather than someone saying he paid $240 in Egypt for an Elephant vase KM. Even the most expensive KM available from our list of vendors tops out at $170 or so and that's built using crystal not glass. This is just an opinion though.

$240 for a hookah in Egypt? That guys is an EPIC liar. No rig here would ever cost anything beyond $40 .... Let alone $240.
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