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I think that newbies are one of the driving factors in forums. Without a bunch of newbies coming in resurrecting old stuff and bringing up stuff that has been discussed to death we would run out of stuff to talk about eventually. Also the different wordings sometimes bring up things the old posts did not. But really forums like this are a place to learn and gather. If it were real life and someone new came into the hookah circle you would have to answer all the same questions all over again every time. Also as knowledge increases the complexity of the questions increases as well. A newbie will ask the general questions maybe broad stroke questions like what kind of hookah is the best, what is the best brand of tobacco, where can I find a hose, how do you clean a hookah. You know basic stuff. Stuff that seems simple enough to them cause how many brands of hookah tobacco can their be. Most stores around here only carry two or three brands so before I came here I might have assumed there were three brands. I know to the old guard newbies are a nuisance and rehashing is a pain in the butt. However, sometimes if you don't know the keywords you can't find anything with a search. So you post. Also sometimes it is nice just to get some discussion. This is a fun place but you know sometimes it gets quiet.

Oh and by the way I currently only smoke about twice a month or so.
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