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Originally Posted by Kwikwi View Post
The best bang for the buck, Nakhla. The best bang regardless of the buck, Fumari and Ayam Zaman. This is a difficult question to answer as no matter what anyone here says, your tatses may be completely different. Your best bet is to start reading through the reviews, decide which ones sound good to you and pick up a 50g sample of them, if available. Also unless you have tried a flavor/brand and know it to be the best, to accept someones opinion telling you it's the best may be setting you up for dissapointment. Try them, learn your tastes and enjoy.
My philosophy to a tee. Though I do see the benefit of asking. Everyone wants to start with the best and no one wants to pay their dues to find out what the best is. It amazes me that so many people do this (and I am one) with anything subjective like music, food, movies, wine, cigars, and Shisha. Everyone has different tastes so taking someone's word for it is dumb. If I did that I may think country is the best music because I know people that think that way. I happen to not think that way. However, finding out what other people like is a good starting point. Some things are well regarded because they really do have considerable quality points over others. So you might tell someone to try reputable brands or reputable dealers or some of the top brands (you get that a lot with cameras) but how is someone to know what is reputable or trustworthy or considered good without asking. The reviews work to give you an idea of what and why people like certain things. Again though if you go by reviews alone then several no name brand items that have little to no good flavors might sound great based on a hand full of reviews. The best thing is to get a broad range of answers and reviews and then try a few of what sounds best. That should get you started as well as get you some idea of what you may like. Then you expand your experiences to more obscure brands and different types. Then you can downright take chances on stuff you have never heard of and give it a try. Who knows you may be the only person in the world to like a particular brand if so good on ya.
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