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To answer the OP's question. It really is up to you. There is no such thing as safe smoke. All of it contains some hazardous material. There are ways to get more or less nicotine, and more or less tar, and more or less other particulates, or more or less smoke. All of those things present their own health risks and there isn't a smoking method out there that is free of all of them. Some take longer to clear your lungs some never do. If you are really concerned about your level of risk talk to a doctor. He will tell you don't smoke anything but I am sure he has access to several studies and can present all the facts. The truth is when you decide to smoke anything you are also deciding to take on the risk factors that it brings with it. it really is a scary thing to think I chose to take on the possibility of lung cancer, mouth cancer, heart disease, and other problems that smoking has been tied to. I think if you really research it the results and effects of smoking are fairly unknown. Mostly because just about anything you read will either exaggerate to the point of demonizing or downplay to the point of ignoring the real risks that do exist. Should you slow down from a bowl a day. Probably it definitely takes longer than a day for you to recover from the last bowl you smoked but that is up to you and really has a lot more to do with several individual traits than anything we can comment on.
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