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IMO, the best that delivers the first 2 is nakhla, fumari, AW and tangies. i'd rate tangiers 6/10 and 5/10 for buzz (but my opinion doest really count on this one because i am an everyday hookah smoker so nothing really gives me a buzz). Nakhla has more complex and "earthy" flavours that feel natural than ANYTHING i tried (excuding tradiional and black-style moasel) which is what i am looking in a relaxing and enjoyable moasel. For me, Starbuzz is like smoking chemically flavoured air (or eating candy). For the buzz factor that you want (i am not a big fan) but if you are not an everyday smoker nakhla will suffice.

Nakhla to try : Strawberry, Dubble apple (all time fav), mandarin, Marguerita, pistacho, Fakhakhina mixed fruit (not the normal kind of mixed fruit).
Nakhla mint will give you all three you want to a degree you cant really take.

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