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Default Re: Hookah stem gone after 11days?

If you want something that will last a lifetime, get a $80+ MYA or KM. Those stems wont rust. I did see a post about the QT having exposed copper, and thats not cool. That will rust, even if the outside metal is shiny.

The HoboHookah stem is also built to last, because of the true 320 grade Stainless Steel stem. A lot of hookahs use other alloys or plated steel, which apparently can still rust (IE the MYA QT).

That really amazes me that they would plate the exterior, but not the interior. Shisha, because of the glycerine, cant rust out metals pretty quickly. Stainless steel (or fully plated nickle or chrome steel) is the way to go. High end MYAs have it, KMs have it and so does the Hobo. These will last.

I believe Pimp Your Hookah sells just stems, maybe buy one of those to go with the SS base. That could be a great smoking and looking piece!
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