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Traditional (separate chambers) are found on all hookahs built by hand. There is one tube that goes to the hose port, one that goes to the purge valve.

Common chambers, like Myas and most Chinese and some Syrian rigs, have a heart chamber that is hollow, with no tubes, just space. These are harder to clean. SOme Common chambers have a plate covering them, with holes drilled in. This constricts the pull.

Traditional Chambers, I can't think of any cons. They purge efficiently and are very easy to clean.

Common chambers, in the case of plated commons, are literally impossible to clean the inside. Normal common chambers, on a Mya, are easier to clean, but still mroe difficult than the Tarditionals. Common Chambers purge about 1/5 as well (judging by the amount of smoke left in the vase after purge).

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