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Default Re: Question about the health if you smoke hookah.

First off : All Smoking is Unhealthy

That being said, the Shisha you smoke out of a hookah is substantially less harmful for you than the smoke you would get from a cigarette.

The main difference is that Shisha is Natural Tobacco, mixed with Molasses and Glycerin.

Shisha also comes in two varieties. Washed Tobacco contains less nicotine than its Unwashed counterpart.

Cigarettes use Processed Tobacco that contains a large number of additives, most notably extra Nicotine and Ammonia. These additives assist in pushing the Nicotine into your blood stream at an accelerated rate. Most cigarette smokers havh extremely high dependencies on nicotine for this reason.

Another factor in smoking a Hookah is that the smoke you're inhaling is much cooler than the smoke you receive from a cigarette. Hookah smoke usually cools to approximately room temperature or a bit warmer, due to the distance it has to travel down the stem and the temperature of the water you have in the bowl.This leads to less heat in your lungs, and less permanent damage when smoking over a long period of time. Cigarette smoke has been measured to be as hot as 500+ Degrees F depending on the length of the cigarette, cut of the tobacco, and additives.

With a hookah, you dont get these additives, and the other bonus is that the most of the tar found naturally in Shisha is Soluble in water. Water makes a much better filtration system than the carbon / paper filters found on cigarettes.

Smoking hookah in moderation will have signifigantly less of an impact on your health, and you'll find its less addicting than cigarettes.

The important thing to remember again, is that All Smoking is Unhealthy and as a personal rule, don't try to push people who don't want to smoke into smoking. It makes them reflect even more poorly on your enjoyable activity!

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