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Default Re: Question about the health if you smoke hookah.

I smoke dialy maybe two or three times and has done for about 2 years.. really I am smoking this much.. its not jsut a few days I smoke two times and then not for 2 days.. I smoke everyyy day at least two times but mostly three...
I train muay thai ( very tough fighting sport ) three times a week. to each of theese three times I run about 5 km ( dunno how long that is in miles but its long in europe lol ) and also theese same 3 times a week I work at the gym after my muay thai workouts... I also work at the gym additional 1 time a week only gym..
I have the best endurance in my group! my performance is getting betetr and better by every day and my health is veru good! never get sick, I build muscle mass while burning phat.. I feel like My body is feeling very good overall..
Now dont tell me I smoke 300 ciggs a day worth of hookah.. its not possible in any way I would not be able to speak a sentences without having breathproblems..
Im going to continiue smoking like this for a while and maybe in a while start to cut down to maybe 1 time a day and I really think that is a safe ammount.. absolutly..
Also Im smoking with the heba diffuser every time, dont know how much this is making difference in health but I can feel I dont get alot nicotine in my system at all.. I smoke cus I love it not cus I must!
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