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Default Re: Smoking from a fruit bowl?

Originally Posted by hookahlife View Post
Some suggestions from our experience:

1. Poke a few random holes through the fruit skin. In the past when using ripe or juicy fruit with a tough outer skin like lemon the fruit has exploded because all the liquid steamed up and had nowhere to go.

2. Make a hole all the way through the fruit, (we usually use the detachable pipe portion from a hookah stem) then on one side of the hole carve out a large section, equivalent to a standard shisha bowl, and in order to support the shisha run some toothpicks through the bottom of the carved out section in a cross hatch pattern.

3. Be really, really careful when punching the hole or carving. I almost lost a finger once.

Hope this helps. If you want to get real creative we did it with a Pineapple once and that was pretty cool.

Hookah Life
Pineapple sounds good. You probably had more room for shisha than I did in my tiny tangerine sized orange.

My bottom hole was large enough for the stem and the top hole was pretty big.. I dug out enough fruit to make room for the shisha. It was great for the first 15 minutes then it started being very hard to draw thru. I had to keep removing the coals so I could stir the shisha and make it loose enough to draw thru. But it was still a great experiment. Pineapple will be next, then maybe a coconut.
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